Out in the Thistle and Heather

Only a couple of months ago, I decided I was going to pack up a suitcase and fly alone across the pond to have an adventure. When I got to the airport my inner worry-wart began to scream at me to turn around and return to the safety and security of the familiar. I forced myself to board the plane and was still battling doubt as I settled in for the long haul. Sure, Scotland is not Turkey or Russia, it's relatively safe to wander, but the thought of being mostly on my own for a week and a half until I met up with my friend Liz, was extremely scary. I've never been good with the unknown or being alone for long stretches of time. 

I landed and smushed myself in a cab, soaking up the mountains and the melodic accent of my driver, still battling fear. Once I had dropped my stuff off at my hotel, I stepped out into the brisk air and climbed Calton Hill. Staring out over the city of Edinburgh watching the sun set over the castle, I began to feel a little better. The hard part was over, I had made it to the place that I had been dreaming of visiting for years. Now, it was time to enjoy the beauty and breathe in the adventure the Lord had provided for me.