Dear Fellow Human


Dear fellow human,

What is happening in the news goes far beyond politics for me. I see human beings when I look at the women who are accusing men of sexual abuse. Human beings who have come forward and said that something absolutely horrific has happened to them. While there should absolutely be investigations, due process, and justice, what I ultimately care about is the person telling her story.

A very small percentage of sexual assault claims are actually false (only around 2-6%). We are left with the task of caring for the 92-98% of people who have had their lives altered irreparably. They will never, ever be the same. Trauma impacts every area of someone’s life.

Can we shift from immediate judgement of the details when we hear someone say they’ve been sexually assaulted? Wouldn’t all of us want to be believed? Can we ask why we immediately doubt? If it all stems back into which political party this woman has voted for or is affiliated with, let’s pause and think about her the way we would think about a friend, sister, or daughter who tells us something horrific has happened to her. 

When we communicate about politics and sexual abuse allegations we cannot know how many of our friends have been hurt by sexual abuse. It sends a message to victims before they even open their mouths about how their story will be received. It can’t be about us vs. them, especially when it comes to abuse claims. Please think twice before you speak or post.


Your fellow human 

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